Let's talk about our work process

You might have a question about work process! fair enough, we follow few process steps from initial Consultation to final delivery. These steps will help you in better planning of interior design work.

Initial Consultation

The interiors design need of project and objectives are defined based on this deliverable, materials and budget are finalized.

Personalized Solutions

Based on your preference for designs, materials, and house floor plan, we provide customized designs and solutions.

Review in 3D

Once the design gets finalize, we create 3D renderings which are sent to you. On approval of this 3D design, we proceed with final designs.

Let's start building

Move your order to production , see it come alive at our state of the art factory.

Track your dream

We will manage everything including quality, material control, site management, and importantly furniture manufacturing as per our stringent quality standards which you can track.

Enjoy the room you’ve always wanted.

Live happily ever after in your designer home.

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